Moving: New Venues & Adventures!

After 4 delightful years at the little shotgun house on Magazine Street, Uptown Needle & CraftWorks is MOVING!

Our last day of business at 4610 Magazine will be October 6. We are moving in a couple ways — temporarily to an online shop, as well as to new venues for workshops. You will hear more about this exciting news in weeks to come as we transition to this new phase.

We will be offering workshops and our products in Covington and at the Backroom on Bourbon (part of Jezebel’s ). We will also continue to offer workshops at 4610 Magazine with the new tenant, Home Malone, where owner Kristen Malone represents over 80 artists and features fabulous products made in the Deep South. Kristen plans to open her 2nd location in January 2019.

Many of you know that my magical husband/partner Robert has been living with “metastatic carcinoma of unknown origin” for over a year and a half.  Even though he has cancer in his bones, he felt wonderful for over a year now – riding his bike 10 miles a few times each week, planting a garden, teaching and working in the shop.
Fast forward to July of this year and weeks of physical distress for R. Thanks to the wonderful doctors at Touro Infirmary, the origin of those cancer outliers was finally identified. Robert has a port (he calls it his USB) and will begin chemo this week with a mixture of chemicals that will attack those renegade cells with the fury of a bad storm.  He has documented his journey thus far on his blog here.
We are very excited about this transition, and I am pleased to have the freedom to focus on my husband and our life together. I will keep in touch through my blog and through email newsletters about workshops- and perhaps a “reunion” soon.
When we opened our shop in 2014 the #1 focus was never on selling fabric, yarn or handmades. It was on building community through community engagement. You have created a wonderful community that today totals over 3500 strong! We thank you for sharing your love, support and creativity with us. We will miss you all more than you know.
See you soon at a workshop near you, or through your orders online! If you have not checked out our online shop, please do!
Peace be to all, and please keep us in your prayers.
Emma & Robert


Up to 50% OFF* 


* ALL Fabrics & Pre-cuts 40-50% off regular prices. PLEASE NOTE:
Our website cannot offer the 40% fabric discount through the regular purchase platform; however, you may certainly browse through our fabrics here, make note of what you would like, call 504-302-9434 to pay by credit card. We will be happy to mail your order for our flat rate of $9.99.
* Handmades, Bags, Clothing 30% off
* Notions, thread, patterns, trims & kits 40% off
* Scrap Paks 50% off

* Sale now through October 6 only!

We are selling some of our furniture/fixtures and class supplies as well, so if you’re in the neighborhood – stop in! You’ll find some funky stuff! We will be at this location through October 6, then packing for the move.


5 responses to “Moving: New Venues & Adventures!

  1. You are my spirit animal, Emma! Love you big and wish all good things for you and Robert! ❤


  2. Thank you Benne!! Come by soon!


  3. Good afternoon,

    Please keep me posted on the NOLA map quilt class. I came into the shop my first and only opportunity August 2016. My son, Grant was doing his pastry and baking internship at Willa Jean. It was time for him to come home before heading back to college and I was able to sneak some time as I had arrived early.

    I have a story to tell you as to why this class is very important to me……

    The summer of 2016, living in the French Quarter and walking to Willa Jean every day totally immersed him in the culture and the life that is NOLA. Grant had much to heal from as he faced some of the harshest of critics and many trying to keep him from living his dream let alone living life period – they wanted to send him home and tried their best to convince him that he could never succeed in the culinary world due to his health. Grant suffers from life threatening seizures and literally lives one seizure away from death.

    Of course Grant has complete support from his parents, family and friends. Grant was not used to anyone let alone an atmosphere that said you can’t as Grant was raised with a profoundly learning disabled older brother who is in North Dakota with a brand new family making life work for him. Grant’s seizure disorder did not reveal itself until he was 16. Grant has also seen my own struggles being a disabled veteran – you keep going and you value the life you have striving to make it the best you can is my motto and our family stance.

    Grant was well prepared to care for himself and ask for the help that he/we knew he would need when he arrived at college. Unfortunately, others saw needing help as a weakness and literally put my son through hell trying to obtain his degrees. Grant was a bit broken after 4 years of the constant barrage and attacks on his health when he arrived in NOLA. We all were beyond blessed to see the spirit and passion return to Grant in the few short months that he lived in NOLA – he found out that one of the best known food cities in the world did not and would not judge him for his health. He found a wonderful restaurant group and wonderful people who embraced, helped, taught, encouraged and loved him beyond measure – they still do and he works here in Tennessee with a few of those very same people that he did his internship with. Grant was able to go to daily mass at the cathedral and lived with a wonderful group of folks who cherished him in such a historic property of the French Quarter. NOLA was a turning point in Grant’s life that not only restored him but rejuvenated him letting him know that all things that your heart strives for with God are indeed possible.

    Grant graduated in 2017 with three degrees. It would not have been possible if not for his time in NOLA.

    I was critically ill myself in 2017 due to auto accident from 2015( support legislation that holds folks accountable to for texting and driving as well as making hands free mandatory) where the return to my heart was destroyed, it took a while for it to found and it is very rare that this can happen and you can live for a few years with it once it was found time was of the essence. l am on the mend after a 2.5 foot implant in my arterial vein. I have not been able to even think of returning to NOLA for this beloved map class, honestly I loved my time in your shop and thought that a place this special and this much fun would be around for “forever” or my definition at least meaning I would have the opportunity to come back.

    I would dearly love to attend a map class at some point when it is convenient for you to do so. I want to make my son something special that will always commemorate his time in NOLA as well as the fun we had when I was able to come and spend time with him. Please keep your charms in stock too…..

    I wish each of you nothing but the best and please know prayers and thoughts are being offered for Robert.

    Prayers and blessings to all

    Theresa Adams


    560 Westwood Drive

    Lexington, TN 38351



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