Moving Towards Christmas

This year seems like it has flown by like a “galloping group of giddy greyhounds” (term borrowed from Anne Lamott). As soon as I’ve become accustomed to writing 2014, in about a week it will be the year 2015. Where does all the time go? My mother once said that time goes faster the older you get (I think I was about 15 years old at the time, and probably whining about waiting for something to happen). She was exactly right. I can only imagine that she had a few regrets in her life. I remember asking her once about the one thing she never did that she wished she had. “I always wanted to be a dancer,” was her answer. The only dancing she ever did (of which I am aware) is that she and my father danced to the Mitch Miller Show dance tunes on Friday nights in the 50s or 60s. Two months have passed since I made the decision to jump off a cliff with no financial net. Things are progressing at the shop. Each day there are new visitors who say they are thrilled that the shop is there, and that they love what we have – fabrics, vintage items, workshops, handmade things. I enjoy meeting each person. And each person has a story. Most of the customers are locals and live nearby. Several older women have come in and we’ve had some great conversations about what I’ve done. And I’ve said to each one that I did not want to be 80 years old and regret that I never took the leap to open the shop I have now, and that is one reason why I made the decision to take the risk. So far so good. I love the location and the physical space of the shop. It is really beautiful. Please keep me and my family in your prayers. Merry Christmas!

And please share the thing that you are most afraid of doing, but you know somewhere deep inside that you really want to because it brings you such joy.

3 responses to “Moving Towards Christmas

  1. I am so proud of everything that my wife and best friend has done. Taking the cue from my mentor, I can only say “That you have been successful in everything that you have done. I am certain you will succeed in this too.”


  2. I know this is a late comment for this posting but want to let you know what I am thankful for. I came into your shop today and for that I am thankful. You were encouraging and exciting. I felt that as I walked in and began looking at your treasures. Heart-felt treasures that you, or others that you know, have a desire to become a part of a stranger’s life and hopefully give them Joy. And not only did your treasures become my treasures, I walked out feeling a bit of excitement and “joy” for finding your shop and meeting someone who took a great risk to go after her dream. You have a God-given gift and thank you for sharing it with people like me. I plan to visit your shop again the next time I am visiting New Orleans. It will be my first stop!


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