Skirting the Issue with Project Sewn

Here’s the info on this wonderful project, just click: Skirting the Issue

This project is fantastic: making skirts for little girls in foster care. I have made around 25 skirts this far. Some for foster care, some for little girls who live in poverty and need school uniforms, and others for little girls who are in need of the basics of life. These are the same style skirts I sell on my Etsy site, with some of my profits going to The Community of Saint Therese of Lisieux here in Memphis.  Here are a few pics:

I like to put something a little extra on my skirts. Like the quotes on the pockets, or special ribbons or fun fabrics – a little whimsey is good for a little girl’s soul.  Here’s hoping the recipients love them as much as I loved making them!


2 responses to “Skirting the Issue with Project Sewn

  1. These skirts are beautiful! Thank you so much for sewing along with us and for being so generous! We appreciate it so very much! -liZ


  2. Emma,
    I can't find your email address and am trying to get in touch with you. You won the swing basket from Pick Your Plum in our drawing that we had for people that sewed along with us for Skirting the Issue. If you could send us an email so we can send you your prize that would be fantastic!


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