Letter to My 20-Something Self.

Interesting post from Cassie Boorn at http://cassieboorn.com/20-something-self-letters/. She is posting letters written by women to their 20-something selves. In giving this project some thought, I have to think hard to remember what I was doing when I was 20. What would I write to that “me”? What would you write? These are my first thoughts:

Dear Emma,

These are some thoughts I have been having about your life that I feel compelled to share with you. I can see that you are looking for affirmation that you are worthy, and lovable. I can see that you are very unsure of your own gifts and talents in this world. You are so young, yet you have depth uncommon to others your age. An ancient soul. This letter is to encourage you to dig down deep within yourself and tap into that inner wisdom. I know, you have your doubts. I can assure you that there is a richness there that you have never even begun to imagine. But perhaps women do not find that security within themselves until they are past 60. That is my truth, anyway. Now I know that it was always there, but prior to say, age 50 or so, I was only skipping the surface like a dragonfly. You do not need the affirmations of others to prove you exist. At your age, you have no idea of your potential. I have a warning for you that you will not heed. I know you are enamored with that boy. You are thinking just because he is outgoing and uninhibited that he can speak for you. You are thinking just because he is from a place you have never been that he knows how to live. You are thinking that since your own family is so dysfunctional, with your mother being an alcoholic, that this boy is a doorway to a life you think is normal. But consider this: are you looking at the same person the world sees? Are you looking for an escape to something, or from something? And take a real and honest look at your options. If you had accepted that scholarship to Millsaps, what would your life be like in ten years? If you accept that job offer at the R & D Center, how will your life change? You are wise, but you do not know that now. You will continue on this same path. And some day, you will wake up and see the world as a new place, and see your true self as a strong and courageous soul. Some day.


One response to “Letter to My 20-Something Self.

  1. Well, something else for me to ponder deeply in my soul. Sometimes I go back to my 20 something self and try to figure out just what I was thinking back then. So far away and yet so close. You always give me so much good food for thought. Love you Emma. Pat


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