River Town.

One evening this week my husband Robert and I rode down to the greenway on Mud Island and parked, got a good coffee from Lil Eclectic, and walked a bit. We do this often. The breezes were comfortable, blowing away the mosquitoes. Joggers, walkers, bikers of all ages and colors enjoyed the early evening, as starlings darted overhead and a tugboat blasted a long whistle as it set the course for its cargo toward New Orleans. The green of the expanse along the Mississippi, and the friendliness of the others along the walkway made for a pleasant evening. Several couples sat on blankets, faces aimed toward the lavender and coral sunset over Arkansas. This is one of the places we love about Memphis.

Every day in the local newspaper, and on the TV news, we hear about negative images, and many are serious enough to warrant a worried populace: death, violence, poverty, unemployment, economic uncertainly, and on and on. And I certainly share in the concern about personal and community grief and disasters. But at least we have a little bit of solace. Sometimes we need to look for it. And get out in it for a while. Fresh air. A walk along the river does wonders for the soul.

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